Monday, October 3, 2011

Mon - 9/26

There’s a reason I said I’d write every day - experiences are piling up this week and I don’t know how I’ll even get it all out at this point. But try I must. 
I spent most of Monday working on organizing school supplies. A group that came thru MS recently left supplies for the 6 primary schools in the area, and everything was sort of vaguely divided up, but it wasn’t all that even, a few things needed to be repaired or removed, and there was an additional suitcase of random supplies that needed to be sorted/looked at. So I took much of the day to read/repair/sort children’s books, do puzzles with Squeaky (to make sure everything was there! Then I’d repair if need be or set aside if pieces were missing - Squeaky got a nice Halloween puzzle missing 2 pieces and Prince got a 5 foot Superman puzzle with a hole in it), sort thru folders, paper, notebooks, etc. It was good and it all got done that day, which meant Chris could start delivering them the next day. 
Bianca came out Mon-Wed which was great. I’d met her the last trip and loved her then. She’s extremely fiesty and sassy, a dressmaker who comes out to run the ladies’ sewing group with Norma (she is the pro). Monday evening I made the silly mistake of starting a book called “The Bone Garden” because it had a character in it from a Tv show I love (Dr. Maura Isles who I know from Rizzoli & Isles). Unfortunately, Dr. Isles was only in the book for a few pages, if that, and the book itself was full extremely disgusting medical descriptions of scary things they did in the 1830s, but the story (which also took place in the present) was really good, so I got sucked in and didn’t put it down until 2am when I was finished :>P Worst of all was the fact that around 1130, I heard a noise like a bell ringing outside my hut (each of the buildings is a short walk from the rest, which means you don’t want to investigate anything strange yourself and you can’t ask anyone what the heck is going on, either!) and was really creeped out - mostly because I was reading about a dastardly killer and gruesome murders in 1830s Boston, while I was alone in my hut in the wilderness, haha. Silly me, eh? The cowbell continued thru the night, creeping me out and keeping me from the loo til morning. The next day I found that there was indeed a giant steer wandering around camp for HOURS after we were all tucked in. Norma said she’s spent too much of her time chasing cows already in her life (thoughts of Anne Shirley and Rachel’s cow!) and since we were all in bed, she left it. Ridiculous all around. But it was NOT a murderer or ghost, so I had that goin’ for me ;>) Stupid book, haha.
So that was Monday... (bum, bum, bum!!! suspense! read on!)

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