Friday, September 23, 2011

So Far... (travel & first day in Zim)

-unbeknownst to me, my luggage got checked all the way thru to Bulawayo from DC. I found this out after waiting for said luggage at the carousel in Jo-burg for about half an hour. A pain in that I didn’t have the things with me in J-burg that I thought I would, but my backpack had everything I really needed, and it was nice that I wasn’t lugging 100 extra pounds around the airport last night and this morning. 
-SO very ready not to be lugging backpack (30 lbs?). Definitely could’ve packed one or two fewer books for the flight over. It’s funny but I always forget how much THAT much extra weight will affect me, particularly in making my knees sore from carrying extra weight. I feel like I’m at the end of Biggest Loser and I’m putting the weight back on (thankfully, I have never weighed 30 lbs more than I do now, but you get the picture). 
-the flight was okay. could’ve been worse. I think I slept more this time - 6 hours at least, I believe. Watching “Something Borrowed” and “Unknown” as well as episodes of “Mike & Molly” and “Episodes” (which I’d never seen and which was delightfully British). 
-the plane was wicked loud because I was sitting right behind the wing.
-South African Airways treats you better than Delta. Last time, we flew SAA and they fed us at least 3 times, gave out socks/sleep masks/toothbrush & paste to everyone, etc. Delta gave us a late dinner, never turned the lights out of one side of the plane, and then delivered a snack while most of the people were asleep. No sleep mask = major bummer. I hadn’t packed one because I assumed we’d get one and the one I use at home has bean things in it and weighs a ton. (Bought a new light-weight one in Jo-burg before flying to Bulawayo; it is excellent.)
-Bed in B&B in Jo-burg was too hard. Went to bed with half a dose of sleeping pill at 1030pm and woke up w/o truly falling back to sleep at like 545am. So that was a bit of a bummer. Feeling okay, not great - but travel usually makes me feel crummy. 
-had a weirdo get in my face in a gift shop awhile ago. Moved so he was blocking my way and then said, “Can I get past?” and I said, “Can I get past?” and then he didn’t move so I went around him which took some doing (giant backpack and small aisles and all) and muttered, “What is your problem?” and he yelled after me, “Go away, ugly woman!” Not my favorite moment so far - it wasn’t even 9am :>P 
  • I feel crummy after I fly. This sucks, because I always loved to fly when I was younger. Alas, it is what it is. Hoping to feel better soon. I think the reason I feel so bad right now is that I may have a sinus infection, which would be why I keep getting headaches/sinus aches/eye aches. Not quite sure what to do about that, hoping it will pass. Decongestants in the meantime.
  • Picked up at the Bulawayo airport by a very nice British couple in their late 20s/early 30s named Brad and Ruth, who work for a Baptist mission organization here and have a big house where I have a room with a comfy bed for the next night or two (hurray comfy bed! hurray Brits!). Chris & Norma had to leave the country for a few days to get a visa thing taken care of, and will be back Thurs or Fri to fetch me (supposedly). 
  • Taught Brad & Ruth to play Fast Scrabble. Despite struggling to keep the weight of my suitcases down, I couldn’t bring myself to leave the tiles at home when there is so little entertainment here that you don’t make yourself (v. limited internet, no Tv, etc). The tiles are lightweight, and they enjoyed learning to game, so all’s well on that count. 

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